Working at Paragon provided an extraordinary color in my career life. Here I really feel the invitation to develop the company. 

Here I learn how the spirit reaches dreams and ideals. Hard work and strategy do many things simultaneously. Involved in designing an optimal production system and designing a management system so that this company can last hundreds of years. All of these things made me rich in enthusiasm, ideals, and dreams, so that I could arrive at this point. 

At the moment I am in a division which has an important role in preparing the factory production capacity. I and the team are trusted to conduct a search and selection of better production technology. In addition, we also make several standard procedures and technologies. The most important and interesting thing is me and the team must be able to see improvement opportunities to create a more efficient production system. 

During the process I can always find spaces for improvement. This is what makes work interesting and not boring. If you look at the work environment, here is very unique, almost no visible boundaries between BOD and staff. It was incredible. Seniors from various positions, levels, and departments are also very friendly and willing to share stories, knowledge, and experience. 

Paragon will always give its own color in my heart.