Room to grow. Paragon gives the opportunity for me to explore and learn a lot of things through every process needed becasuse our superiors open to any out-of-the-box idea and believe in us that we can complete the task. Some new kids might find it challenging but if you are explorative and brave you will wake up eagerly every morning and make things happen. 

Saat ini saya berperan sebagai brand innovation manager. Mungkin terdengar asing kalau dibandingkan dengan perusahaan konvensional, because there's no such thing as brand innovation manger. Long story short, I create a new brand. I collaborate with so many department to make it happen, from CMI team to understand more about the market and trend, CMM for facts and numbers in real life, PID to innovate and create the right product to answer people's needs, designers for the aesthetics side, and the list goes on and on.  

Kultur yang paling penting dan terasa kuat di tim Brand adalah inovasi. Kita tidak bisa berkembang sampai seperti sekarang tanpa pikiran terbuka dan berinovasi setiap harinya. Be inspired from every little thing you find everyday. I got inspiration for emina campaign back then because I listened to some cool tunes of my favourite electronic duo and use the title of the song as a campaign with definitely different style and approach.