PLDP - Information and Technology

Head Office


  • Minimum of Bachelor (S1) in Information Technology or Information Systems or max 2 years experience
  • For non IT education must have programming background (Python)
  • Software Engineer for either one of :
    - Frontend Developer : Familliar with HTML,CSS, JS, JS Libraries (e.g. jQuery) or CSS & JS Frameworks (e.g., Bootstrap) Version Control ( Git ). Experience in JS Framework such as React JS / Vue JS & PWA would be an advantage.
    - Backend Developer : Familiar with PHP / Python based framework, RBAC, API Development & Management, and RDBMS Databases ( SQL ).
    - Mobile Application Developer : Android Native Java or Flutter
  • Experience working on real projects related to the skill would be an advantage

Main Responsibilities:

Responsible for one or more of the following responsibilities:

  1. Responsible on analyzing user requirements, write and test code, create documentations, and collaborate with other engineers & business partner.
  2. Manage Network, Server, Remote and/or On-premise Cloud System.
  3. Collaborate closely with stakeholders and vendors for ERP implementation project.


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